Pre-Arrangement Of Your Funeral

Pre-arrangement of your Funeral 

  • Don Couse is a professionally accredited pre-arrangement advisor. He advises clients through this planning process. There are as many ways to celebrate as there are memories to treasure. Don’s work is to show clients the options, making the arrangements uniquely theirs.
  • Regardless of whether you or your loved one choose a burial or cremation, your celebration of life service fulfills an important role. It gives family and friends the opportunity to openly express their feelings, finding comfort from, and giving comfort to, others who share in their loss. Some people may wish a simpler arrangement without a service. Their wishes are also respected and Don will be there to help with every planning detail.
  • As an added service after a loved one’s death, Don meets with the next of kin or the executor to complete several important documents. The most important documentation is the Estate Fraud Protection, to protect against identity theft. He will contact the credit bureaus, and cancel the SIN card and the health card. Don will also contact CRA for appropriate tax credits. He will spend time with the executor or next of kin, reviewing an Executor Checklist and answering any concerns they may have.